John Oliver Covers Psychedelics on Last Week Tonight

The article John Oliver Covers Psychedelics on Last Week Tonight was originally published on Microdose.


Emmy-award winning talk show host John Oliver has devoted his entire segment to psychedelic therapy.

Combining long-form journalism and satirical comedy, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight is known for its in-depth looks at important social issues. They’ve won several Emmys for this kind of work, which makes their recent focus on psychedelic therapy big news for advocates and enthusiasts hoping to educate the public about the potential of psychedelics.

The show covered a range of psychedelic topics, from the history of psychedelic research, the War on Drugs, the current renaissance and its impressive trial results, stories of patient healing, and even patent issues.

This was another important cultural milestone in destigmatizing psychedelics to mainstream audiences.

See below for the full segment.




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