Intiem Secures Intellectual Property Rights for AI-Driven VR Platform Featuring AI Virtual Sexual Wellness Therapists

The article Intiem Secures Intellectual Property Rights for AI-Driven VR Platform Featuring AI Virtual Sexual Wellness Therapists was originally published on Microdose.

Intiem, a leading technology company focused on sexual wellness, is pleased to announce that it has secured the intellectual property rights for an AI-driven VR platform featuring AI Virtual Sexual Wellness Therapists.

This significant milestone was achieved through the filling of a provisional patent, which will provide Intiem with priority on its disclosed inventions and the ability to ultimately obtain the exclusive right to use, sell, and license its innovative technology.


Focused on developing the crucial intersection of AI and wellness, Intiem is using cutting-edge AI to enhance sexual wellness and provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals and couples to explore their sexuality.

Intiem’s has developed a proprietary AI Virtual Sexual Wellness Therapists™ —  an AI platform and virtual sexual wellness therapist, available to any adult woman, man, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ person who wishes to attempt to enhance their sexual wellness, overcome sexual challenges, recover from sexual trauma, or simply maximize their sexual pleasure. 

These digital therapists offer unique capabilities that are not available through other, more tradtional means, allowing users to engage in high-tech self-exploration, journaling, and psychedelic integration. By helping individuals improve their sexual experiences and foster a deeper sense of personal connection, users can explore, grow, heal, and realize a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual journey. 


“Our goal is to help people feel more comfortable and confident in their sexuality and to foster a more open and accepting society where everyone can experience pleasure and intimacy without shame or judgment.”



This wellness platform offers ultra-realistic fantasy exploration in the virtual space as a credible source of sexual education, including positive ways to navigate social mating dynamics, ask for consent, and communicate preferences with compassion. Virtual sexual wellness therapists seem very much like real people, but they are best understood as external manifestations of the user’s sexual fantasies. Their appearance is customizable and can be changed to facilitate novel sexual experiences. Conversations with them are designed to facilitate inner listening, greater self-awareness, and enhanced enteroception. Using AI, they adapt as they get to know each user, becoming an ever-evolving manifestation of each user’s internal fantasy framework.

Intiem is working to be a leader in delivering trustworthy and reliable sexual education and support, using AI and innovative technology to enhance people’s sexual experiences. We are committed to personalized, confidential support and are dedicated to creating a positive impact on people’s lives.

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