DEA Increases Production Quotas for Psychedelics

The article DEA Increases Production Quotas for Psychedelics was originally published on Microdose.


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has released its production quotas for 2023, announcing an increase in the permitted quantity of psychedelic compounds manufactured for research purposes.

The DEA has had a complicated relationship with psychedelic compounds. On one hand, the agency has been (unnecessarily) strict with its stance on psychedelic medicine, by refusing to reschedule psychedelics from the highest category of illicit drugs, and denying desperate patients access to potentially life-saving medicine; while on the other hand, the agency recently reversed its decision to ban new psychedelics substances and now has increased its quota for psychedelic manufacturing.

Complicated. Confusing. And par for the course as we try to peel back decades of legislative red tape built up around drug war stigma.

Regardless, this is good news, as the increase will make it that much easier for researchers to continue their work.

Marijuana Moment has published an in-depth look at the new quotas. Check it out here.



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