Atai CEO Answers Questions From the Public

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This week, r/shroomstocks hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Florian Brand and Srinivas Rao, Co-Founders and CEO and CSO of atai Life Sciences.

The public forum took place on Shroomstocks, a Reddit community of nearly 60,000 members interested in the psychedelics industry and investments. The questions poured in and over the course of the week, the atai team answered as many as they could get to (or wanted to).

We sifted through the pages to bring you some of the more important replies, giving some context on atai’s programs and plans.



One of the most popular questions was about PCN-101, the ketamine compound that had less than positive Phase 2 results.




Then onto KUR-101 and its trial on Opioid Use Disorder.





Re: Patents. Apparently, there’s a lot on them. With 32 issued in the US and 273 internationally.





atai initiated a Phase 2b proof-of-concept trial of RL-007 for Cognitive Impairment Associated with Schizophrenia. The trial was initiated and has begun patient screening. There are currently no FDA-approved medications for CIAS, a major cause of disability in 80% of patients with schizophrenia.




atai and its collaborators have sometimes been accused of aggressive or even unethical patent strategies. They’re considered by some to be the most hyper-capitalist of the major players. Here they address some more qualitative aspects of their business.





And finally, on the future of FDA approval and the benefits of controlled therapeutic treatment vs recreational.





For more on atai, check out a deeper look at their recent corporate update 

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